Subwing on Nusa Penida

What is Subwing

Flying under the water. This phrase sounds at least unusual. Freedivers know this feeling!
But to fly underwater it is not necessary to even master freediving skills, although they will certainly be very helpful.
Designed for lovers of the underwater world, the "underwater wing" has made such underwater walks a reality for everyone.

The Subwing reinvents the way we explore and interacts with the ocean and underwater life. It’s the watersport board that every water lover needs to experience!

How it works

The Subwing is attached to the boat on a long and sturdy rope. Unlike water skiing, a person holds onto the wing with his hands and swims underwater. At the same time, it can rotate, rotate and sink, or pop up in a matter of seconds.

You simply hang on to the wings by your arms and steer by pointing the wings in the direction you want to go.
Tilt both wings downwards to dive and upwards to resurface. A roll is achieved by tilting the wings in opposite directions.
Yes, it's that simple!

The wing allows you to achieve an absolutely incredible sensation of soaring under water at speeds up to 7 km/h.
Moreover, to learn how to fly under water, minimal training is required.
You don't need to be able to hold you breath for a long time in order to enjoy the Subwing. Only a few seconds underwater for each dive is sufficient for a great experience.

Freedivers, swimming underwater in tow behind a boat, have the ability to rotate, turn and dive or float in seconds. The Subwing swim will make you feel what a real flight is and will give the diver real freedom of movement.

Nusa Penida is one of the places around Bali where you can experience this kind of activity, feel underwater freedom and explore the rich underwater world.
Freedive Nusa Freediving School organizes regular snorkeling trips with the opportunity to experience underwater flying using Subwing.